Morewood Gardens REIMAGINED

Morewood Gardens Reimagined

The largest residence hall on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus, Morewood Gardens is home to over 450 upper-class residents and offers students a continuity in their residential experience that many find valuable when deciding where to live on campus. For some, the convenience, diversity of programming, and support that’s a part of living in the heart of campus makes Morewood Gardens the perfect place to be.

The student staff and residents of Morewood Gardens have a lot of pride in their residence hall, and Housing Services is excited to share that both current and future residents of Morewood Gardens will soon have many more reasons to be proud!

By now, you’ve likely seen the facelift to Morewood Gardens’ main entrance lobby – a fresh paint job, new wall fabric and flooring, and the addition of the Tartan logo to greet all those who enter the building … go, Tartans! Excitedly, this marks just the beginning of a REIMAGINING of Morewood Gardens. Over the summer and throughout the next academic year and summer, residents of Morewood Gardens will get to experience:

  • Spaces re-designed for the purpose of situated cognition, or “beyond the classroom” learning environments created by engineering everyday living spaces to invoke learning while passing by, socializing, studying, attending meetings and programs, dining, and simply living. We all know Andrew Carnegie was a smart guy, but soon Morewood Gardens is going to tell way more of his story …
  • A makerspace that inspires interdisciplinary engagement to advance education, research and creative practice that merge technology and the arts, including concentrations like game design, animation and special effects, media design, sound design, learning media design, entrepreneurship for creative industries, intelligent environments, and physical computing. Housing Services will partner with academic departments and colleges throughout the campus to create this makerspace within Morewood Gardens, ready for use in fall 2015.
  • A complete dining concept overhaul and renovation of The Underground, projected to be complete in the early fall of 2016.

Morewood Gardens is already a special place on campus and will soon offer residents and CMU students new and exciting spaces to learn, engage, practice, experiment, and create. As you consider your housing options for the next academic year, we encourage you to take another look at Morewood Gardens, a reimagined look.

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