Meet Up, Fuel Up: Carnegie Mellon Community Thrives at Campus Coffee Shops

We all have our favorite on-campus coffee shop to grab that perfect cup of Joe. Whether you prefer a cold brew, a latte, or a double-shot, a stop at your go-to coffee place is all you need for a quick pick-me-up. For Carnegie Mellon students, campus coffee shops go beyond just serving up hot drinks and caffeine — they provide a place for community.

Two local Pittsburgh coffee shops with locations at CMU are particular standouts for offering a buzzing social atmosphere and a place to host a study session, catch up with friends, warm up from the cold, and fuel up for the day ahead.

La Prima Espresso

La Prima Espresso Company, one of Pittsburgh’s most acclaimed coffee roasters and espresso bars, has a location right here on CMU’s campus. Nestled in the lobby of Wean Hall, La Prima serves up a full menu of caffeine to keep you focused during lectures, study sessions, or tests.


La Prima is open from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8 am to 4 pm on Fridays. They are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so if you really love their coffee, plan to visit their other locations in Pittsburgh.

La Prima can get busy between classes, as it serves some of the best (and only certified organic) espresso on campus. There are tables in the area, making it a great spot to meet up with friends to study or to simply relax. Or you can grab an iced coffee or treat to go and take it outside to study or catch up with friends when the weather is nice.


La Prima Renovation: Summer 2018

La Prima will undergo a renovation this summer. The entire Wean Hall lobby will undergo a major facelift to improve the overall customer experience with new and flexible furniture, visible coffee production, smarter queuing, and more grab’n’go and bakery options.


La Prima Coffee Sampling: Tuesday, February 20

Don’t miss the special La Prima Coffee Sampling on Tuesday, February 20, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm in Wean Commons in the Cohon Center. Stop by to learn more about this locally-rooted business and taste samples of three free-trade, certified organic roasts from South America, Africa, and Indonesia.


Tazza D’Oro

Tazza D’Oro, located in Rohr Café in Gates Hillman, has been brewing up cups of gold in Pittsburgh since 1999. The Carnegie Mellon Tazza café boasts several tables where you can catch up on studying while enjoying a delicious panini with your latte.


Tazza D’Oro is open from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. They are closed Saturday and Sunday but have a new location in Highland Park where you can get your coffee fix on weekends.

CMU students are big fans of Tazza because its menu of sandwiches, croissants, flatbreads, and salads features ingredients that are locally sourced, showcasing how much the community surrounding Pittsburgh has to offer. The mushroom flatbread is a favorite among the vegetarian crowd, and meat lovers enjoy the chicken panini. And don’t miss out on the gluten-free donuts from Gluten-Free Goat or the vegan chia pudding – delish!

Check out the slideshow to see where some of Tazza’s local ingredients come from:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for the Rohr Café setting, you can’t find a better place to meet up with a group or study on your own. The high-top seats at the window are ideal for knocking out some solo work or finishing a term paper on your laptop, while the tables with their signature colorful chairs are perfect for meeting with a group to study or socialize. (Or, perhaps, taking a nap between classes.)


Tazza D’Oro featured at February DSAC: Wednesday, February 21

Each month of the academic year, Carnegie Mellon students and staff and Dining Services staff come together to discuss a wide array of campus dining topics – from upcoming renovations, to cuisines offerings, to programming ideas. This month, DSAC will be hosted on Wednesday, February 21, at 5 pm at Stever House in the first floor Reading Room and Tazza D’Oro will be providing the food … and coffee. Don’t miss out! 


ScottySIPS Reusable Mug Program Offers Discounts on Coffee at La Prima and Tazza D’Oro

Coffee Mug icon_BlackWho knew? Sign me up!

With the purchase of the ScottySIPS Reusable Coffee Mug ($17.99), enjoy $2 discounts on hot drip coffee at La Prima and Tazza D’Oro’s on campus locations. You can enjoy $1.00 discounts at other on-campus locations – find out where.

At Carnegie Mellon, campus coffee shops go beyond just serving up caffeine — they provide a place for community.

Where’s your favorite campus spot for coffee?

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