CMU Dining Spotlight: Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

Community Kitchen Pittsburgh is a non-profit foundation that provides culinary training and job placement services to adults who face employment barriers. Launched in 2013, CKP helps people train for higher than entry-level positions, and the food the trainees prepare serves local schools and institutions. As an initiative, CKP is able to provide benefits at multiple levels … Continue reading CMU Dining Spotlight: Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

Taste of India 101

Indian food is as diverse as the subcontinent that it comes from, and a culinary experience unlike any other. For those new to this distinctive cuisine, navigating the menu can be overwhelming. We asked Harjit Singh, chef and owner of Taste of India, to teach us the basics and help us explore his menu.

Getting to Know Jessica Tones

Carnegie Mellon Dining Services continues to strengthen its commitment to health and wellness for the campus community, and one exciting way it's exemplified that this academic year is through the hiring of Jessica Tones, the newest member of the Dining Services team serving as a registered dietitian, nutrition educator, and marketing coordinator.